Love Thigh Self

Now, you won't usually catch me flashing my underwear (in fact, I'm generally that mother struggling with an arm load of items simultaneously trying to hold down her skirts while my 4-year-old tries to hide beneath them, trying to discreetly manoeuvre him away while explaining "no sweetie, I don't want everyone at our local post office/supermarket to … Continue reading Love Thigh Self


Best Suited Style

Wanting to add some summer pieces to my wardrobe over the festive season, I enlisted the help of friend and stylist Vanessa from Your Style Guide. Her advice  was to find pieces from one of our favourite on-line boutiques (that I could pay off with Afterpay what with the all those other Christmas expenses) that … Continue reading Best Suited Style

How do you know your bra’s right for you?

BRA’S…You either love ‘em or hate ‘em! But your bra is an essential garment that most women spend over 8 hours a day in, so comfort and support are key! I’ve always loved the ‘idea’ of lingerie; delicate lace, soft silk, the ultimate femininity for a woman’s curves, but the reality is my bra comes … Continue reading How do you know your bra’s right for you?