House of Lucas

Hanging on a wall in my dressing room for all to see, and more importantly for me as I walk in to get dressed every day, is a gorgeous white night dress by Ballarat's own link to the high end world of fashion, House of Lucas. As a mum of three boys, there it hangs as … Continue reading House of Lucas


Melbourne Frock Swap

Late last year I had the pleasure of meeting up with sisters Rachael and Nicole who organise and put together the Melbourne Frock Swap market in Williamstown, Melbourne. It was such a great day; I barely made it past the entrance while waiting for the sisters when two garments caught my eye. Calling to my companions … Continue reading Melbourne Frock Swap

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…school holidays!

Ah it's that time of year again...the Christmas School Holidays, 6-8 weeks of having the kids home. Full-Time! Master 10 has already been on school holidays for 2 weeks now and yesterday was Master 8's first day off...and i struggled. The kids are all hyped up with excitement for the upcoming visitor (Santa) but at the same … Continue reading It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…school holidays!

Replenish Me

The last couple of months have been full of social, networking and work engagements, which has meant a full face of makeup, late nights and probably a few too many drinks... but it IS the silly season after all! However, this has left a heavy toll on my skin; along with the funny weather we've … Continue reading Replenish Me

Time to shine

Spring has finally made an appearance!  Hooray!!  (well, it is the beginning of summer). And, just as the festive season fast approaches meaning time for xmas parties, family get togethers, school graduation and plenty of picnics in the park. A while ago i was kindly gifted a dress of my choice from Studio g.a.s. Ballarat to … Continue reading Time to shine

Frock Power

This year was my first year taking part in Frocktober and to be honest if i wasn't going on #mystylejourney visiting heaps of everyday women's style inspiration on Instagram i don't know that i would have heard of it! What is Frocktober? Frocktober is an annual campaign, that takes place in October!, aimed at bringing … Continue reading Frock Power

A Day at the Races

I love an excuse to get all dressed up, who doesn't! The Ballarat Cup seemed like the perfect opportunity to mix fashion and a family outing.   As regular Melbourne race goer's years ago (pre-children) the thrill of a new frock and fascinator for each race day was intoxicating; these days quite frankly the budget … Continue reading A Day at the Races

How do you know your bra’s right for you?

BRA’S…You either love ‘em or hate ‘em! But your bra is an essential garment that most women spend over 8 hours a day in, so comfort and support are key! I’ve always loved the ‘idea’ of lingerie; delicate lace, soft silk, the ultimate femininity for a woman’s curves, but the reality is my bra comes … Continue reading How do you know your bra’s right for you?

Lipstick & A Smile

What girl doesn’t love a lipstick? It’s like putting the ‘topper’ to your outfit, that final touch, like lipstick is to your make up. When it comes to choosing a favourite shade? Well that’s like asking me to choose my favourite child, each day there’s a new favourite (lipstick, not children! I swear I don’t … Continue reading Lipstick & A Smile

The Style Session You Must Have

Today I have a very special guest blogger, my dear friend Vanessa from Your Style Guide. Vanessa and I took a trip to Feather and Noise a few weeks ago and here's what we got up to....The Style Session you must have at Feather and Noise!   Feather and Noise entered the online fashion market … Continue reading The Style Session You Must Have