It’s my Birthday 

This may be coming to you about 2 months late, but I wanted to share with you my birthday celebrations. Not just any birthday, this was the big 40!

Initially I hadn’t planned on a big celebration for this particular birthday, I thought I’d done that the year before with a bunch of girlfriends and a massive pop up styling session at my place when I went through my ‘mini midlife crisis’. But Hubby put it all together and insisted we celebrate in style.

The celebrations were held at Mitchell Harris, our local go to wine bar here in Ballarat. I’d chosen a few select favourites from the menu for the occasion, I cannot go past the dumplings and an amazing ‘cheese cake’ like non other you’ve ever seen!

It was wonderful; good wine, great company of 50 or so of my dear friends, what more could you ask for…oh perhaps a working voice! 

Yes I lost my voice! Not after the party like one may think, but during…I had to whisper a speech (in which I’d totally forgot to thank the Hubby for putting it all together for me) I’d had a horrid cough for weeks which decided this was the night it was going to take me out.

I’d had a lovely surprise during the day, while waiting in my pj’s feeling crap about my cough there was a knock at my front door…My amazing sister in-law who I love dearly and am lucky to see perhaps every few years had been in cahoots  with my hubby and had come as a surprise! Now that really was a special gift!!

For the night I wore a cream dress from local boutique The Farmers Wife with statement boots from Spendless Shoes. My mum was making the most gorgeous headpiece from dried peppercorn berries (which were in my wedding bouquet) and faux flowers so I had some custom earrings made with the berry theme in mind by the lovely Love Buds by Amy.

My lovely girlfriend Brooke from Buff Makeup came to help me look presentable for the evening with the gift of her hair and makeup skills.

It was the latest night I’ve had in ages (I did mention I’m middle aged now right) and it was so nice to catch up and know you have such wonderful friends. Not to (forget to) mention a loving, kind thoughtful husband to put it all together for me…Thank You xx

All in all, I’d say 40’s going to be a good year!


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