amie skincare review

I am the first to admit I am in no way a beauty aficionado, as a busy mum my ‘beauty’ routine needs to be quick, simple and cost-effective. I don’t have time for the whole cleanse, tone and moisturise when trying to wrangle the kids into their school uniforms, pack lunches, making sure they remember all that they need for the day and racing out the door in time for school… And, i’m lucky if I’ve had the forethought to remove my make up before collapsing in to bed of an evening.

Recently I’ve been using the ‘naturally kind’ Amie skin care Micellar Water and Exfoliant Polish to trial. Micellar Water you ask? I’d seen this mentioned amongst the beauty blogging community many times, and have seen it in most beauty isle’s I’ve walked down of late. Apparently, Micellar Water has been widely available in France for many years; it’s name comes from micelles, the tiny round balls of cleansing molecules that float in the water. When you use Micellar Water, the cleansing agents come into contact with the oil and dirt particles on your face, sweeping them away quickly and efficiently. It acts as a cleanser, toner and makeup remover all in one! Just perfect for time poor mums right?


I must say I was a little sceptical.  I’ve tried a few of these ‘all-in-one’ products before and haven’t really found them suitable for my skin…but with Amie Micellar Water, I’m hooked!  It quickly and efficiently has removed my makeup without excess rubbing, plus there’s no need to rinse afterwards either. My skin tends to be quite sensitive, particularly around the eyes, and this product even removes stubborn mascara without any oily residue! I often tend to have redness around the nose to chin area too, and the Amie Micellar Water has kept my skin in perfect balance since using it. It’s gentle rose fragrance leaves a nice aroma.

unnamed (8)

unnamed (2)

Aimee Micellar Water seems to be the answer to all my skin care needs and at $8.99 from Priceline it’s totally budget friendly!

Amie’s Deep Pore Exfolient Polish, also $8.99 from Priceline, has a delicious smell that reminds me of creamy mango gelato every time I use it!  It contains fine rice granules that work deep into your pores to remove impurities. I often find that facial scrubs can be ‘hit and miss’, with some so harsh they leave my skin feeling raw and red, others just don’t seem to get deep enough. Amie’s Exfolient Polish was a perfect balance; the rice granules were soft on my skin yet I still felt clean, smooth and fresh.

unnamed (5)

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What else to love about Amie’s range…  it’s environmentally and socially conscious!

No parabens
No mineral-oils
No petrochemicals
No sodium laureth sulphate or sodium lauryl sulphate
No ingredients of Genetically Modified Origin
No animal testing
No animal ingredients
All products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Natural skincare at affordable prices that really work! Now that’s what I love!

You’ll find the Amie skincare range available exclusively at Priceline Pharmacies here in Australia.

unnamed (6)

Stephanie xx

Disclaimer – These products were gifted to me for consideration and review. This however, has not persuaded my opinions of the product and my thoughts are 100% my own.




9 thoughts on “amie skincare review

  1. Natural products with no animal testing and animal ingredients is such a big thing for me!! Great to see there are budget friendly options in the market. I feel there a misconception these products won’t work, but your review is clear example it does!

    Bella |


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