Consumer Checklist

You will often hear the older generation of women speaking of a time when they would ‘darn a sock’ or ‘patch a hole’ in the knee of some pretty well-loved pants. This is a far cry from where we are now, this idea of ‘fixing’ rather than discarding, is definitely a concept far from minds of the current generation. But can we blame them? Let’s look at the facts and the ways in which life in general has evolved to make something like ‘darning a sock’ seem utterly ridiculous!


Life is busy, so busy … and even when you’re not busy … you’ll feel busy, because well, there’s no escaping the world we now live in! We’re reachable all of the time, taking phone calls, replying to text messages, checking emails, the long list of social media and if you’ve had enough of that – just turn on Netflix!

I’m not suggesting this is all bad (I love Netflix), technology is wonderful and has obviously had and continues to have, many positive impacts on the world. I am just highlighting the fact that there is always something that has to be done … so the thought of picking up an old sock, a needle and thread and fixing a hole, well … I’m not sure we have time!


And even if we did have the time … we have to look at the quality of the sock in which was are attempting to fix … by the time it has a hole in it … the rest of the sock is probably looking pretty sad! They are no longer made to last … they are not manufactured to be ‘darned’ they are made cheaply and quickly and sold in bulk! Why would you ‘darn’ your sock when you can pop in Big W and grab a 5 pack for $10.00! It’s a sad fact but it is the reality.

Unfortunately it doesn’t end with socks! It has very quickly become the norm for anything we buy … all clothing, toys, homewares … the list goes on! Things are not being made to last, they are being manufactured overseas for as cheap as possible (often by exploiting workers), and ending up in landfill only too soon after purchase. Landfill is a huge issue … but sadly it doesn’t appear it will improve anytime soon. It is a hard battle when advertising is constantly encouraging consumerism!

It’s not easy but we can be part of the change, simply by choosing well, shopping responsibly and picking brands who do manufacture quality goods. I’m not going to lie, it will cost you more initially, but will pay off both financially and environmentally down the track. Every time you buy something you are contributing to the world you want to live in. These environmental issues are not going away and the choices we make every single day will continue to have an impact.


Next time you’re about to make a purchase, just ask yourself these few questions … you’ll be surprised with the answers!

Consumer Checklist:

  • Do I NEED this?
  • How will it IMPROVE my life?
  • Is it built to LAST?
  • Was it made ETHICALLY and SUSTAINABLY?
  • Is it something I can BORROW instead?
  • Could I source it PRELOVED?


Think Green + Be Happy

Love Bianca x

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