Love Thigh Self

Now, you won’t usually catch me flashing my underwear (in fact, I’m generally that mother struggling with an arm load of items simultaneously trying to hold down her skirts while my 4-year-old tries to hide beneath them, trying to discreetly manoeuvre him away while explaining “no sweetie, I don’t want everyone at our local post office/supermarket to see mummy’s knickers”) but this time, I’m quiet willing to give you a flash…

WHY? Because, I don’t want you to  miss out! These are just too good, I want the world to see them (just not necessarily ON me)!

Miss Monroes Lingerie for Thighs, has made my summer. For those who’ve followed my journey from the beginning will know that it’s been a time of discovery and acceptance. From hiding out in baggy black clothes to the realisation that colour makes me happy, and to embrace my body; lumps, bumps, scars and all for it has given me so much joy (in my three children) already. I now have a wardrobe full of colour, and dresses have become my go to staple for feeling feminine and comfortable with my curves.


But over the hot summer I experienced that embarrassing feeling of thigh chafe. Ouch!   Not a pleasant feeling, and I was worried people thought I was waddling like a duck while wearing my dresses, trying to avoid that uncomfortable sticky sweat and thigh rub. Ewww…

Now as embarrassing as that feeling was, I knew I wasn’t alone! Many women, all over the world, suffer from thigh rub. That saying “My thighs are so sexy, they can’t stop touching each other”, that’s me; my thighs have always touched, even as a size 8-10 in my early twenties and it seems Lisa the creator of Miss Monroes felt the same.

Adding a touch of modesty to a shorter dress

Lisa created her lingerie for thighs purely out of need… After trying other options on the market, including shape-wear to bike shorts, nothing felt right and so she found someone to teach her how to sew, and made her first lingerie for thighs. From there, after many years research and development and with the help of said lovely sewing teacher (who now is the manufacturer for Miss Monroes along with her team), Lisa’s everyday ‘essential wear’ business was created. Lisa says “Creating Miss Monroes has been about so much more than the designs. It’s been an incredible journey where I’ve learned so much about self-acceptance, creativity, body kindness and, most importantly, my passion for empowering women to embrace their shape.”

Lisa is kindly giving all Love your Wardrobe followers the chance to get your thighs in a pair of Miss Monroes with an exclusive of 15% discount. Just enter the code EMPOWER at checkout.


Let me reassure you, Miss Monroes are NOT shape-wear. These are made from a beautifully comfortable, lightweight fabric that is so soft and breathable (even on the hottest of days). They feature a special non ride-up design, come in different colour-ways with luxe lace trims, plus you can choose the appropriate length to suit your body shape and wardrobe needs. Added bonus is you’re supporting a local business, Miss Monroes are designed and made right here in Australia.

The fit is ultra comfortable! I did all my measurements before placing my order, just to be sure, and my waist measurements sat between the 14-16 guidelines, so as per Miss Monroes suggestion I down-sized to the 12-14’s and was not disappointed. I like a higher rise in the waist so have gone with that on all my pairs however I did try out both lengths on the leg which has meant I can mix it up depending on my dress lengths and how much coverage I need.

I just love my lingerie for thighs, they are so soft and comfortable while giving me that reassurance against thigh chafe, a touch of modesty, with a boost of confidence whilst feeling fabulous in all my dresses!

As Lisa say’s….

Love THIGH-self ladies!

Now go grab yourself an exclusive 15% discount EMPOWER yourself!

Stephanie xx

Disclaimer…I was kindly gifted a pair of Miss Monroes for editorial purposes and have loved them so much I bought myself an extra two…I know I’ll want more still. All opinions and images are mine and 100% genuine.



23 thoughts on “Love Thigh Self

    1. It’s such a shame to avoid those familiar garments because of something so uncomfortable and you think embarrassing but so many women (and men) experience the chafe, why not wear what we want, feel comfortable and look fabulous too Jasmine? Go get a lovely dress and a pair of miss Monroes for yourself! Xx


    1. Thank you Emma. It’s that catch 22 isn’t it, wear the dress to keep cool but suffer uncomfortable thigh chafe…these are a beautiful breathable fabric that even on a humid 40 degree day in Sydney recently I felt super comfortable!


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