The Beauty of Vintage

Late last year I was lucky enough to win tickets to The Melbourne Fair, thanks to Sally from Steel My Style who was visiting Melbourne for a meet and greet leading up to her series of workshops in 2017.

For those who haven’t been, The Melbourne Fair brings together antiques and vintage dealers from Australia and across the world; our very own Antiques Roadshow if you will, where collectors proudly display their fancies from Maps, lighting, jewellery, clothing, art and furniture.


The Melbourne Fair is not an event I would have typically attended, as it’s really aimed at the antiques dealers and collectors; and I must say Ballarat is a haven for wonderful Vintage fashion, jewellery and accessories with a number of little boutiques. Not to mention Ballarat’s Heritage Weekend, held every May!

However At the Melbourne Fair, I did come across Audrey Scarlett Vintage with some stunning pieces I would have loved to take home.


I have always had a love of 1920’s and 30’s fashion, especially the bakelite box handbags (A must have…  no, NEED to be in my handbag collection!) and of course the gorgeous Cloche’s which suit my style and fit beautifully.

Wandering through the Fair was a delight, and I spotted so many women with vintage style, including the gorgeous 18 year old Isabel who was visiting the Fair and told me she dresses like this on a daily basis….  isn’t she Divine!


Yes, I’ll admit these treasured pieces sometimes are a just a tad more expensive, but when you think about the history they come with…   where it was made, by whom, who made the original purchase, where its travelled, how did it find it’s way to the Fair!   Oh, the stories it could tell!

The saying ‘they don’t make things like that, these days’ certainly rings true.

Do you have any vintage pieces in your wardrobe?

Stephanie xx


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