Lipstick & A Smile

What girl doesn’t love a lipstick? It’s like putting the ‘topper’ to your outfit, that final touch, like lipstick is to your make up. When it comes to choosing a favourite shade? Well that’s like asking me to choose my favourite child, each day there’s a new favourite (lipstick, not children! I swear I don’t play favourites).

Pinks, Nudes, Reds and Purples, and so many tones, how does one choose?

This season my favourite shade had been a mix of two coloured lipsticks put on top of the other…and that’s where the The Lip Lab Ballarat came in!


The Lip Lab is the very first of its kind in Australia where in less than 30 minutes you custom blend your very own lipstick or lip-gloss with the help of trained Lip Lab consultants and their high-speed blending machine. Sisters Courtney and Kimberley Treacy, who stumbled across the idea when on a stop over from holidays overseas, brought the concept to Australia.

We here in Ballarat can thank Jenna Gnoato and Sarah Emmanuel, co-owners and both experienced beauticians in their own right, for bringing us Victoria’s second Lip Lab store right here in our very own town. ‘We needed it in our lives…. we just had to have it’ they both declare, and I couldn’t agree more!

The process itself was simple, choose, mix and apply as they say!

I came in wanting an everyday lipstick, something that I could pop on for the school run but also feel glam or sumptuous enough for going out with girlfriends or those rare date occasions with the hubby.

I’d had my colours done through a colour stylist earlier in the year and looking at my swatches decided a peachy nude was in order.

First we prepped my lips with a pumice scrub, great for ridding any dried skin cells and then applied a lip plumper (both available in store).


I chose a matte finish and was pleasantly surprised at how moisture enriched the matte is. There are so many options; you can add your choice of finish (mine has a slight shimmer) over 15 flavours or scents to choose from (pink champagne for me), lip plumper, SPF, anti ageing, the list goes on…you even get to name your custom lipstick!


So if you have a special occasion and you want the perfect shade, or you’re after an everyday lippy, make an appointment to create your very own custom lipstick or gloss. Bring in you party season dress or accessories to colour match or talk to Jenna or Sarah about what colour suits you.

Run out of the lippy you made? Don’t worry The Lip Lab keeps a record in store for you to re-order your favourite creation. All Lip Lab lipsticks and glosses are plant or vegan based and animal friendly, a big plus in my book!

The Lip Lab Ballarat also offer special occasion makeup in their makeup lounge as well as a specialised spray tanning room, beauty room for waxing and tinting, and ‘my favourite’ manicures and pedicures. You can also book a one-on-one consultation with a makeup artist to learn all the tips and tricks when it comes to applying your makeup using the Australian mineral makeup Victoria Curtis Collection with the cost fully redeemable on product.


I personally can’t wait to get together with my girlfriends for a group booking, my idea of a perfect girly get together! Making lippy with a glass of sparkles. Plus, I do have a light pink and rose on my wish list to make next!


Lipstick Kisses xx












10 thoughts on “Lipstick & A Smile

    1. Ankita Lipsticks start at $55 (includes your choice of base and custom blended colour) You can then add flavours, shimmer and additives if you so wish for +$3. Its a bit special having your very own custom made lippy indeed!


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