The Style Session You Must Have

Today I have a very special guest blogger, my dear friend Vanessa from Your Style Guide.

Vanessa and I took a trip to Feather and Noise a few weeks ago and here’s what we got up to….The Style Session you must have at Feather and Noise!


Feather and Noise entered the online fashion market in 2013 and over the past three years they have become renowned as the ‘go to’ store for chic everyday style. Their collection is carefully handpicked to ensure that it is stylish, comfortable, great quality and most importantly affordable. Feather and Noise offer one-hour styling sessions for you to go and try on their collection. Stephanie and I thought we would road test this and provide some insight into what it is all about. Let’s be honest, any opportunity to go and try on amazing clothes and get free style advice… enough said…

Upon arriving at Feather and Noise, both Stephanie and I were warmly greeted by Carmel, one of Feather and Noises’ leading stylist’s.



Carmel took us into the ‘Style suite’ where we got to relax on a lovely large brown leather sofa, whilst sipping coffee (that was a gold star in our book!). Initially Carmel spoke to us about the service and then both Stephanie and I got a chance to discuss with her, why we were there and what some of our issues/needs are. Now, Carmel was lovely, actually beyond lovely! She was attentive, nurturing and totally understood our need for a spring reset.

Carmel revealed that the ‘styling session’ provided by Feather and Noise is an opportunity for women to come and try on their clothes to get a feel for what brands, silhouettes, colours and styles suit their body. ‘A huge part of these sessions for us, is to give someone the opportunity to connect with our clothes and also find what makes them feel comfortable to take on whatever jobs they have to get through for the day’. Carmel also added ‘Our sessions help ladies find what works for them and so when they see something they might like on our website, they already have a good idea what size and fit would work for them, taking the doubt factor out of their purchase’.

We were then lead to the racks that Carmel had pre prepared with some of Feather and Noises new must haves for spring and let me tell you, we were like two kids in a candy store! She guided us through all the new styles that have just landed at Feather and Noise and also confirmed that off shoulder, long sleeves and prints are all in for spring/summer this season.


“It’s all about trying on things that you wouldn’t necessarily put on when you first look at it”, “my job is to help you step outside your comfort zone and see yourself in different fabrics, colours and prints”. “Most of our clients walk away surprised and really excited with some new clothes that help them express themselves in a different way”.

I would have to agree. Stephanie and I tried on some amazing clothes and to be honest for me (a total monochrome obsessed person), Carmel encouraged me to wear pink and I loved it!


Carmel further added “here at ‘F & N, we are about building relationships with our clients, we want them to feel comfortable in our clothing range and also have trust in us that we can provide them with outfits that fit their needs”. “We have grown a large F & N community and we love bringing them new and exciting styles all the time”.

Reflections from Love Your Wardrobe

Online shopping can be a minefield, there’s so much out there that ‘buyers remorse’ and ‘abandoned at checkout’ are major concerns for both customers and online boutiques! Finding a store that you can build a relationship with works wonders in my little home town so why should it not be the same for your online shopping? Feather and Noise have nailed it, I am so impressed with these gals!

Our Styling Session was not my first experience with Feather and Noise, to say i am a ‘fan’ is an understatement (if only my bank account felt the same way). My very first online purchase of clothing for myself was from F&N; I was rather nervous, but having watched their Instagram feed for a while I jumped in and asked a question… lo and behold it was answered! Tick for being present and responsive, simple relationship builder. Earlier this year I also attended a ‘Get Styled’ styling session F&N invited their customers along to; now in a room a 4-5 customers at a time I still felt like I got personal attention and style advice. Tick for getting to know your clients and their needs.

These Individual Styling Sessions are the best idea to be able to play around with different pieces, get to know what styles suit you so you can go away confidently knowing what to keep an eye out for in future collections. And when in doubt, ask the questions; Ali and her team go above and beyond in their customer service. I feel confident from our Styling Session experience I’ve found my ‘go-to’ online shopping boutique!



Reflections from Your Style Guide

As a personal stylist, I think it is really important to ensure when you are working with a client that you are attentive, patient and understand the essentials of building a wardrobe around someone’s lifestyle needs. F & N provide an amazing range of clothing that are not only amazing one-off pieces, but are totally interchangeable and can end up providing you with a number of outfits. Being a tactile person, the ability to feel the product was really empowering for me. There clothes are soft to touch and feel like second skin on, there was not one piece of clothing that was uncomfortable or didn’t sit right. Oh, and the shoes… the shoes were beautiful, comfortable and functional for every mum’s needs.

To be honest here, I don’t shop online… I know, it’s crazy but, I have had some disappointing experiences with online purchases that did not look the same or seem right once I received them. However, having the ability to go to F & N and try on their brands and styles to get an idea for what works for me, has given me to confidence to know that my next online purchases with F & N will be a no brainer.


All in all, I think it is fair to say that, if you get the chance, you have to try a Styling Session with Feather and Noise. The opportunity to play dress up and feel like a princess for an hour is amazing and feeling like you are part of the F&N family is something that words cannot describe and you need to feel for yourself.

Both Stephanie and I are very thankful to the F & N team for this style adventure. If you want to try it out for yourself, you can contact




Make sure you keep an eye out for my review on AfterPay shopping with Feather & Noise coming soon! So much to choose from…

Stephanie xx


Photo credit to Naomi Bond Photography



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