Stop and smell the…Fragrance!

Walk into the perfumery department, in any store in the world, and there’s an overwhelming intoxicating aroma of scents. Some may make you turn your head, giddy with joy; others will just turn your head away.

So how do you choose a fragrance?  Where should one start?

Choosing a fragrance is a personal and important part of defining your style, enter Sweet Fern Fragrance Boutique and their Masterclasses! Held regularly at their store in Ballarat, you will be guided on a journey around British fragrance expert Michael Edwards Fragrance Wheel, helping you to distinguish and categorise different scents to find your signature fragrance style.



Along the journey you’ll learn the history and stories behind each fragrance from some of the worlds finest boutique perfume houses, and will be treated to a cheeky glass of champers as well!

I had the pleasure of attending one such Masterclass and learnt where my fragrance delights are on the Fragrance Wheel, thanks to Kate Robinson owner and local Business Excellence Award winner at Sweet Fern, and Lucy Borland, National Training Director of Agence de Parfum who was there to guide us on the night.

The night started out with almost twenty fragrances on the wheel  varying from Oriental, Woody, Fresh and Floral for testing.



Note well, come to the class ‘naked’ of scent so you can take in all that it has to offer.

A perfume is not only loved for its glorious scent but the memories it evokes in its wearer. It can take you on a journey itself and transport you to a memory long ago, uplifting (hopefully) or changing your mood.

For me the classic 4711 Eau de Cologne reminds me of my Nana; long after she was gone the bottle remained in my grandparents bathroom cabinet where as a child on visits to their home I would often fantasise about the woman who wore such fancy gowns and jewels and whose scent still lingered.

On the other hand,  I once had a boyfriend who gave me Poison by Christian Dior as a gift; now I’m sorry Mr Dior I respect you immensely but the mere mention of that fragrance these days sends shivers down my spine (and not in a good way!).

Many people will have similar stories of fragrance yea or nay’s that remind them of someone from their life.


My favourite story on the night was that of perfumer Henri Giboulet who created “Gin Fizz” as a tribute Grace Kelly the year she won an Oscar for her role in ‘The Country Girl’. The bottle itself resembles the princess to be as she disembarked the plane at Monaco to meet the Royal Family wearing a wide-brimmed taffeta white hat. ‘Gin Fizz’ was the popular drink of the time (and a favourite of mine, the drink and the perfume).

Where should i apply perfume you may ask?…”where you want to be kissed” says Coco Chanel; Lucy advises at the back of your neck to leave a tantalising trail behind you and your pulse points to bring out the fragrance to its fullest.

Don’t however rub your wrists together where you’ve applied your perfume. Kate says ‘Rubbing your wrists together causes the fragrance to bruise and disrupts the transition between the top, heart and base notes’.

Gin Fizz – Inspired By Grace Kelly


Do you have a favourite fragrance? Do you stick to just the one?

We build our clothes wardrobe around the seasons and special occasions, so why not our fragrances? As Lucy says “we all have lots of black shoes in our wardrobe, but sometimes we want to change it up”.


My personal 3 favourite scents I chose from Sweet Fern based not only on their smell but how they made me feel and for what occasion I would wear them are below…

‘So Nude’ by Costume National $199 100ml = A floral oriental that for me was subtle and delicate enough for an everyday fragrance.

‘Gin Fizz’ by Lubin $239 100ml = A soft floral that reminded me of English summers, Gin and Tonics and the seaside, a perfect fragrance to uplift my mood!

‘Equinox Bloom’ by Penhaligon’s  $279 100ml = A floral oriental that I envisaged as a special occasion fragrance, light but a tantalising tease.


Sign up for a Masterclass with Sweet Fern, November 17th spots are still available, and find your signature fragrance! Only $49pp redeemable on all purchases over $159.00. Make sure you sign up to their newsletter for special VIP shopping nights!



And if the fragrances don’t send you into a dizzy frenzy, this wall is enough to do it for me! As a long-term lover of Aesop I have all that I need here as Sweet Fern have a full collection of the plant-based skin, hair and body products. Not to mention the amazing fit out including this gorgeous concrete sink created by Kate’s clever husband, Simon!

Tell me whats your favourite fragrance?

What memories are evoked by a certain fragrance for you?

Stephanie xx




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