Refashion your wardrobe

Do you have pieces in your wardrobe that perhaps no longer suit their purpose or are out of trend, still in good condition that maybe just need a update to bring it back to life, or a few minor repairs to make it ‘wardrobe worthy’ again?

Why not convert it into something more wearable or turn it into something completely different? There are endless possibilities with a little imagination….  I’ve chosen three such pieces with a simple update to show you.

Here i had an old pair of gladiator sandals that were looking a little tired; with a hot glue gun, some ribbons and pompoms from the craft box, i transformed them into this seasons on trend POM POM Sandals!





You can go as minimal or wild as you like!

I have many a black dress in my wardrobe, lots of them are similar in style, so to style it up i’ve added a little shoulder detail with sparkles! This was my own template, but there are many fantastic trim details you can get in most Fabric Stores.


From Blah to Bling!


And, an old denim jacket is given a funky make over with a few iron-on motifs – SIMPLE!




I love Emily from Blue Umbrella Lane‘s recently refashion, adding a touch of lace cuffs to her jeans!

Why not check out Pinterest for some more inspiration and get creative refashioning something from your own wardrobe.  You never know…… !



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