In the Dressing Room with Studio g.a.s. Ballarat

With the return of the TV series Offspring, and possibly its last season (season 6) i wanted to showcase a spin on bohemian style and what it can offer to your wardrobe over on my IG account. As a regular customer and a lover of their fashion style; I knew Rachel, owner of Studio g.a.s. Ballarat and stylish mum of two would be the perfect partnership to showcase the stores eclectic range of fashions.

I admire anyone who can pull off the full ‘Nina’ look but its not for everyone (me included)! Having one or two items in this style will give off a bohemian vibe.

Here’s a few of my favourites pieces from Studio g.a.s. Ballarat, that i’ve shot to showcase during the Offspring series, and your chance to get to know the owner herself – Rachel Sheehan.

Label of Love Off the Shoulder is on point Bohemian style

Rachel, Do you have a background in fashion?

Ironically no; it’s simply just one of my passions. I know my style and what I feel comfortable in – at Studio gas Ballarat the bohemian style is just a reflection of that.

How long have you owned Studio g.a.s. Ballarat?

I took over Studio GAS last September and have spent the last ten months working furiously at rebranding the business to what customers now identify as Studio gas Ballarat – g.ifts a.pparel and s.hoes – an eclectic mix of gorgeous giftware’s, bohemian style clothing suited to every day wear and a mix of both Australian and European designed shoes selected to compliment those styles.

What style does Studio gas Ballarat cover?

Studio gas Ballarat stock brands including Boho, Label of Love, Firefly, Betty Basics and Boom Shanker – an amazing selection that can be mixed and match to suit any bohemian minded fashionista.


Label of Love tunic (pic above tunic tucked in)

Beauty is within the eye of the beholder and at Studio gas Ballarat we believe that through marrying on-trend fashion to individual personal style it will make every inner beauty shine and ooze confidence.

What size ranges are covered in the Studio g.a.s Ballarat range?

6 – XXL; the bohemian style is fabulous in the way that a lot of styles are whats know as freestyle or one size fits all, the pieces drape beautifully to the silhouette of the body so regardless of one shape or style seem to do nothing other than to flatter.

What does ‘style’ mean to you?

Through the use of fashion, style is the we portray ourselves – from the latest on-trend must haves through to the chicest of chic; it’s our character and what makes us, us.

My question is…do pieces ever really go out of “style” or do we simply just stop wearing it in the way that society expects?

How would you define your personal style?

I am both a business woman and a busy mum so my wardrobe need to reflect both in harmony; an eclectic mix of chic and casual bohemian.

Free size jumper – perfect oversized bohemian style

What’s your favourite item of clothing you own and why?

My absolute favourite is a navy tunic – its femininely styled, loose fitting, can be worn on or off the shoulders and either dressed up, dressed down or worn over layered pieces.

Where do you take inspiration from?

I’m lucky enough to see new season trends months before they hit the shops which always puts the brain in overload. As for inspiration – other than the obvious – Nina Proudman, I adore the boldness of Carrie Bradshaw aka Sarah Jessica Parker and the utterly classic boho chicness Nicole Richie seems to pull off without a hitch.

Have there been times in your life when you’ve been uncertain of your personal style?

Every time we glance at ourselves in the mirror we are questioning our personal style; it’s when we the confidence to put ourselves out there and disregard the opinions of small minded people that real personal style can achieved. Right up to and though my thirties I felt I had to wear what others expected; now older and wiser, I’m comfortable to do my own thing!


Belted Kimono and Boots so ‘Nina’

Talking all things Offspring…

 Have you been a fan?


A beautiful cast that portray the trials and trepidations of a real family just brilliantly.

How would you describe Bohemian Style?

Fabulous oversized and relaxed pieces created using free and flowing earthy fabrics that makes the wearer feel in harmony with themselves – it’s a feminine and very flattering style which is great for layering.

Belle sleeves perfect for the season

What would you say makes Nina’s style so ‘trend worthy’?

Nina is boho chic; her style has is feminine and relaxed yet stylish and classical, it oozes confidence and has a very subtle yet loud “look at me” vibe.

If someone wasn’t a regular Boho dresser but wanted to incorporate some aspect of bohemian style into their wardrobe, what would you say is an essential and adaptable piece to have?

Most would be surprised of the varsity of the bohemian style and more than likely would have pieces in their wardrobe already – they just need to be confident enough in putting the bohemian twist onto it.

Nina wears a lot of gorgeous accessories… what is your go to accessory?

Nina does scarves beautifully!

For me, any oversized, flowing tunic style top is a staple – they always look great with jeans, sandals, earthy jewels and oversized sunglasses.


Free Flowing Boho Australia Tunic and oversized scarves

I can’t tell you how much fun i’ve had during this process, dressing up, trying on things i might not have considered, learning more about myself and my style. Also playing at photographer (think id like to invest in a proper camera and some photography lessons now!).

I felt so honoured to be asked by Rachel if id be willing to showcase Studio g.a.s. Ballarat on an ongoing basis and have some of my photo’s featured on their brand spanking new website. So what are you waiting for….go check it out, you can now buy Studio g.a.s. Ballarat goodies ONLINE!!!


Unedited sneak peak of behind the scene photo shoot for the Studio g.a.s. Ballarat website.

Don’t forget the last episode of Season 6 Offspring airs tomorrow night Channel 10 8.30pm, it may or may not be the last episode ever (don’t TV producers love to drag out the anticipation and tease).

I’ll miss Nina Proudman and her quirky insecurities and assured sense of style. Will she end up happily ever after with Harry?

What do you think??

Stephanie xx


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