Be a Bad Mom

Last week i was fortunate to nab a ticket and meet up with some girlfriends to let our hair down and have a good giggle at the launch event for The Mum Squad, hosted by Bron from Flat Bum Mum, Erin from The Mums Group and Tegan from Bump into Mums.

How fitting that the Mum Squad Launch, for 100 mums to escape the friday night rigmarole of family dinner, was to go watch the side splitting (possibly pants wetting) movie Bad Moms.


Hands up if your a ‘Bad Mom’?  Hey, i’m certainly not claiming I’m perfect in any way! Isn’t motherhood, make that parenthood, just a matter of blindly fumbling your way through as best you can to raise respectful, honest, independent and caring little human beings? I find I’m constantly second guessing myself, am I doing the right thing? Am I doing this right??

Know that your going to stuff up sometimes…it’s ok, we learn from our mistakes. Let your hair down and laugh at yourself, strive for progress not perfection!

And every now and then… champagne, goody bags and good friends will always get you through! Weren’t we spoilt by all the brands that jumped on board to support the night – just a glimpse of what i scored on the night!


And a bit of Bling for a special night out with the girls?   ….my Urban Dust multi layered stone necklace ($69, gifted) was the ‘topper’, as Bron would say to my outfit, as a bracelet and single layered necklace. I love this piece as as you can see here it can be styled in several ways – Bonus!


When was the last time you had a night out with ‘the girls’?

Go on Mums, have a night off and be a little ‘bad’!


Stephanie xx


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