Thrifting with The Wardrobe Green


Meet Bianca, owner of The Wardrobe Green; a pre-loved fashion boutique, and an expert thrifter!

I had the pleasure of meeting Bianca less than a year ago at a function she was organising, in her country town of Gordon, where I offered bra fittings as an Intimo stylist. Admittedly i was in a bit of a ‘funk’ back then, suffering from anxiety and the worry of what i wanted to do with my life… generally lacking confidence in my body image and wardrobe woes.

When Bianca was looking for volunteers to model for her first photo shoot, i knew it was just what i needed to pull me out of my doldrums. Just look at the ‘woman’ (pictured above) doesn’t she exude a vibrancy of life.

Well, it was a barrel of laughs! Just picture us in our thrifted threads, stockings and heels, bouncing along on the back of an open tractor across paddocks of cows to set up a chaise lounge for photos; followed by shots of a gorgeous tea party in the thick of the woods!



I think its fair to say we’ve become close friends ever since. Getting together with our children for play dates, catching up for ‘business meetings’ and brain storming sessions, not to mention playing ‘dress ups’ whenever the opportunity arises.  Most importantly, supporting and encouraging each other in our new endeavors!   I really love what Bianca does, her passion for life and her family, and her creativity.   So, I thought it’s about time i share her story with you all….


Bianca, tell us a little bit about the woman behind The Wardrobe Green?

I’m 32 years old, I’m a wife and a mum to three beautiful little girls aged 5, 4 and 2. I consider myself to be creative and a ‘glass half full’ sort of person!


Where did the concept for The Wardrobe Green begin?

It all started almost a year ago … I had begun thinking about the ‘next chapter’ for me … my last baby had turned one … and I couldn’t help but think what’s next! For so many years the focus was on having a baby, or preparing for the next one … but here I was, with no more babies to be made … feeling a little lost.

 So I started thinking about starting my own business, something I could begin while I was at home with my girls and hopefully grow and expand once they were all at school (which is when I had planned to return to work). I knew I wanted to do something that I was passionate about, something creative and something that was a true reflection of me as a person.

 I have always had a passion for op shopping and in particular pre-loved clothing. Friends would often comment on my clothing and I would very excitedly tell them ‘it’s from the op shop’!

 I would also have friends tell me that they ‘could never find anything in the ops shops’ or they ‘couldn’t be bothered op shopping’. So in a very quick decision after one friends comment on my op shop pants … and telling me she could never find anything good in an op shop – The Wardrobe Green was born! My fourth baby 😉


What’s been a highlight so far on your journey with The Wardrobe Green?

I must admit there has been quite a few highlights … but I think one in particular was when a well-established Fashion Blogger (in particular preloved fashion)… purchased one of my garments and featured it on IG account and in her Blog. I was thrilled, as I had been following her for some time and she had become someone I really admired, inspiring me with her fashion style and photography. Shout out to the lovely Emily from @blueumbrellalane.


Why buy pre-loved? Thrifting….isn’t it just old smelly cast-offs? Or is it really one man’s trash (or rather woman’s in this case) is another woman’s treasure?

Haha … well, op shopping doesn’t appeal to everyone, that’s for sure. But to me – it is definitely ‘one woman’s trash is The Wardrobe Green’s treasure!

There are so many reasons to buy pre-loved: 1. You save money 2. You’re saving the planet every time you can reduce, reuse, recycle. 3. It’s fun and nothing beats that feeling of nabbing yourself a bargain!


What would be your ‘Unicorn’ thrift? (unicorn being that hard to find most highly treasured thrift)

Oooo good question … I have had a few over the past 12 months … granted I have spent a lot of time in op shops so I my chances of finding those ‘unicorn items’ as you call them is slightly increased.

Fur Jackets are a rare find – and a good quality fur vest – which were in high demand this season. And if I can mention one more – beautiful winter hats.


What does ‘style’ mean to you? How would you describe your own style?

My style – well, to be honest this is a hard question for me to answer … I don’t think I fit into a specific category when it come to my fashion sense. I guess if I had to put a label on it – I’d have to say ‘eclectic glamour’ … I love to look and feel glamorous, I rarely follow treads, I love colour and things that are unique and fun! I’d say eclectic is probably a good summary! Haha.



Where do we find The Wardrobe Green’s fabulous fashions?

You can find The Wardrobe Green on Instagram: @the_wardrobe_green or you can find me on Facebook


What’s coming up for The Wardrobe Green?

I have something very exciting coming up … The Wardrobe Green is turning one!! So to celebrate I am hosting a Runway Show and POP UP SHOP. I have just SOLD OUT of tickets for this event … which is exciting in itself. I am really looking forward to it, as I have always dreamt of putting on an Event such as this!

I hope you’ve booked your babysitter and got your tickets as this is going to be one spectacular event! Follow The Wardrobe Green for your pre-loved fashion finds and news on upcoming Pop Up events and TWG Runway shows.

Stephanie xx



Photographs courtesy of The Wardrobe Green – Photography by Angela Burgoyne






9 thoughts on “Thrifting with The Wardrobe Green

  1. Hi Steph
    That was really an interesting interview and I must say well done for this young lady’s very inspirational on line business, it is great to see such entrepreneurial get up and go! Let’s keep it going
    And well done to you for reporting it so well


  2. I am loving The Wardrobe Green and you two have collaborated so well together to spread the message of this fab brand. I think having someone to take the legwork out of Op Shopping is a brilliant idea!


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