A Girls Weekend!

Ahh the serenity….absolute bliss…peace and quiet, I’m almost lost for words. This was just what I needed.

Peninsula Hot Springs

Yes the long awaited Girls Weekend finally became my reality! While hubby’s been travelling on a fortnightly basis for work and I’ve been holding down the fort at home, lets just say my patience had come to an end and I was long overdue a little break from the reality of life with kids (the Toads).

Two long time girlfriends and I took the plunge (literally!) and headed for the Mornington Peninsula and its Hot Springs for a weekend away. Believe me this sounds a lot easier than it actually was; co-ordinating a date around everyone’s family commitments, and our partner’s availability to look after the kids, but it was entirely worth the wait.


Our Hot Springs experience was utter bliss. Having booked into the Spa Dreaming Centre we hopped from pool to pool in its tranquil bushland setting, luxuriating in the glorious rejuvenating waters. At times there was silence, nothing needed to be said but to listen to the native bird life and gurgling of the thermal springs. At other times our conversation spread from topics of extra marital affairs, gender neutral language in schools, the upcoming census and the glass ceiling women still have to struggle with in the workplace. When we did talk about our own children, it was with a softness and reminiscence of the cute quirky things they’d done or said to make our heart fill with pride and joy. Yes, those thermal baths really did have magical powers and put us all right at ease, unwinding the tensions of mum life.

Cheers to friendships


However, it was the simple things that were really the most enjoyable, those moments of complete silence, having an uninterrupted conversation with my friends, choosing and eating something of my own liking from the menu, and most importantly nurturing and soaking up friendships forged long ago.

Merchant & Maker Cafe – McRae

Will the Girls Weekend occupy a permanent spot on the calendar? Don’t we all deserve a little pampering once in while, a little ‘me’ time, free from the daily chaos and noise of life at home. Hell yes!! We all need a little space and time to ourselves; it restores the balance, and is good for the whole family.


Oh yes, it was just a tad special! Isn’t it time you planned something special to treat yourself?


Stephanie xx




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