Surviving the School Holidays

The Holidays had me beat!

Sorry I mean the ‘School Holiday’s. It was most certainly not a holiday for me.

Yes THE school holidays, where the washing basket took on a freakish resemblance to Mary Poppins carpetbag. Only there were no fascinating surprises, no not even some loose change I could claim as treasure, only dirty socks and endless tee shirts.

The Pantry however had the opposite reaction and was empty in the blink of an eye despite baking copious amounts of goodies and plentiful restocking. Just like my bank balance in order to keep up with said food demands and washing liquid supply, but also on keeping the frequent rants of ‘I’m bored’ at bay with trips to the movies, day trips and many a sleepover (note well, sleepovers mean many extra mouths to feed!).


2016-07-13 20.48.05

Yes the kids had fun (I believe). But did I?

Well, admittedly yes! Although it wasn’t a ‘holiday’ for me when there’s the day in day out decision of how to amuse them today, I was able to spend quality time with each of my three Toads, and even a few spontaneous adventures were had…and guess what … I really enjoyed it!


Why do I sound so surprised you say? (why are you so surprised??)


Well, these holidays I have to admit weren’t as bad as I was dreading. Despite the washing and feeding demands, there wasn’t the ‘constant’ bickering, hitting, name-calling and slamming of doors we have on a general basis; just a mere handful were had. Boys will be boys, and boy do they make a hell of a noise (and many a headache).

And if I am honest, School Holidays are always the time when the ‘angry red monster’ inside my head makes a re-appearance. The angry red monster you ask? Yes, that terrible beast that breathes inside many of us, that angry beast that brings on depression.

‘Angry’ is my release, not the sad teary blues and eating a whole bucket of chocolate ice-cream, but a very snappy crabby and ‘angry’ mumma. When I first experienced this after my second child I could not believe I was suffering from Depression.


Depression comes in many forms, and the feeling of being out of control brings mine on… well, enter the ‘angry red monster’… school holidays, no routine, no noise limit, and waiting to see which Toad decides finger painting the merbau deck is a great idea! I know many begrudge the school morning rush of packed lunches and early morning traffic, but for me this is calming… the sense of organisation, order… it get’s gets me through these times.

Well, you know what… we survived, all of us! …with many a sleepover, many a play date, the kids stayed up late, they raided the pantry, they had ample tech time, watched too much television, and most of all… they were happy! (albeit with the often argument or shouting match).

And that ‘angry red monster’? Well, I know he’s still there…but thankfully, he was largely absent these school holidays!

Don’t get me wrong though…was it hard work – very, was I exhausted – totally, was I tearing my hair out – more than you can imagine! Have I earned a girls weekend away, 2 days of complete freedom, and a luxury spa retreat? You bet! Stay tuned to hear all the deets…



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