My Little Secret…

My Master 10 has a very keen eye. Every time I’m wearing something new he seems to spot it immediately and announce loudly ‘Is that new? …I thought so, I haven’t seen it before’. Often he goes so far as to tell me the nitty gritty truth of his opinions on said new item (no knack for subtlety). So it’s very hard to get away with any new purchases that I’m not ready to ‘expose myself in’ (or divulge my expenditure with my husband).


But occasionally I can sneak an item here or there and pull it out exclaiming “Oh this old thing, golly I haven’t worn this in ages!’ or passing things off as a bargain op-shop find ‘It was only $10, it would be rude not to buy it’ or even as a hand-me-down from friends or my sisters!


Some secret purchases may be a piece I’ve lusted after for some time and saved secretly to buy, others may be as simple as a new pair of socks (yes Master 10 would even notice something as insignificant and essential as that).

2016-06-09 18.40.17
On my ‘Lust List’


What secret purchases have you made and hidden from the family?

Come on, I know you have. I promise, I wont tell!


Stephanie x

2016-06-28 15.55.19-2.jpg
I have a thing for shoes and handbags OK!

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