Who AM i?

If you mumma’s were asked that seemingly simple question, my guess is for most of you, your first response would be ‘I am (insert name), mum of (insert number of children, names…rank…serial number)…and YES that is by far your most important role. Being the Mumma to your children! But remember that time before being surrounded by noisy little toads? Being able to finish a warm cup of tea, and have an uninterrupted conversation… with other adults? When all you had to worry about was which handbag matched the shoes you were wearing. NOT, have I packed the nappies and a change of clothes, and don’t forget the snacks to make it through the next couple of hours without being told you’re the worst mumma ever because you didn’t bring the green drink bottle that’s their favourite (since when!)


Who is the woman behind the mum?


I know I’ve found myself in this dilemma a few times over the course of my life. As life situations change, like becoming a mumma for the first time, so do we. The last time I clearly remember this happening was when my now Master 7 was heading off too kinder and the overwhelming thoughts of ‘who am i? What will I do now?’ came, the answer at the time was…have another baby (believe me, it was not quite that simple). Now, that’s not an option or a deep seeded desire…what now?


Yes Master 3 is heading off to Kinder and I find myself in that same situation. This time it wasn’t a case of ‘what shall I do with my life, do I find a job that fits around school hours? (terrifying) Doing what? (ah gosh mind baffling) Who’d take me (ahh the insecurity). So I started from the outside in. My style journey!


I’d been wearing a mixed jumble of outfits some handed down from my two generous sisters (both though with very different lifestyles to mine, think no children. And different body shapes to myself, again picture no children) and some assorted thrifted pieces selected by my bargain hunting mother from op shops. But really, hiding out in black, ensuring my mummy tummy was sufficiently hidden with shapeless items and thinking I was blending into the background. Recently I’d been doing a bit of work for a dear friend and earning a little bit of money (yay, me money) so decided it was time to be ‘selfish’ and invest in myself!


Call in the big guns – Pinterest & Instagram!


*Warning you can spend hours on each of these finding so much inspiration, but remember you still have to pick the kids up from school…TODAY!

You can learn a wealth of information from body shape and styles to match, to your best colour tones. Books like ‘Your Body, Your Style’ by Jo Blankfield will help you learn how to dress for your body proportions. Finding someone on Instagram whose style you admire and emulate that to suit yourself. Remember to try outfits on, if it’s a colour or style that’s grabbed your attention, give it a go try it on. Have some fun!


So….   WHO am I?  Well, I’m still figuring that out…it’s an ever evolving journey but one that I’m having fun with and gaining confidence in my OWN style day by day. You can follow it here…





Stephanie xx




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